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             Val di Fassa
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El Cianton - Menù



(from € 17,00 to € 19,00)


Poached egg with dried mushrooms crust, chicory, Piave stravecchio cheese, bacon

Octopus tentacle, palm heart, mango, shallot with raspberries vinegar

Raw white trout, foie gras, apple, kumquat, verbena and larch infusion



 First course

(€ 20,00)


Risotto with cucumber, lemon frog legs, Macadamia nuts, Stacciatella cheese

Pollen ravioli with lamb, saffron, topinambur, primo sale goat cheese, blueberries

Vegetable cannelloni, smoked creamy potato, red prawns, cuttlefish from Porto Santo Spirito



Second course

(from € 29,00 to € 30,00)


Canadian beef sirloin with Cubebe pepper, smoked peas, thyme porcino mushroom, peach salad

Sturgeon fondant, marinated watermelon, wild garlic mayonnaise, purple potatoes

Quail breast and thigh in two cooking, peanuts, cassava, red fruits




(from € 11,00 to € 12,00)


Chocolate ball, mascarpone, raspberries, bio lemon ice-cream

Cooked milk with pink pepper and lime, strawberries, chocolate, passion fruit

Sangria in our way

Chocolate, pistachios, sour cherries, yuzu namelaka cream

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