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             Val di Fassa
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El Cianton - Menù



(from € 16,00 to € 18,00)


Poached egg with dried mushrooms crust, braised chicory, Piave stravecchio cheese

Beef tartare, mango and peanuts salad, rye flour bread ice-cream

"L'orto nel piatto" - Vegetable garden

Rosemary-smoked red prawn, renette apple, caviar, crispy rice



First course

(€ 19,00)


Burnt wheat ravioli with smoked pork shoulder, pureed shallot, truffle

Mushrooms tagliolini with deer cheek, toasted pine nuts, candied juniper

Beet risotto, marinated sturgeon and his eggs, wood sorrel

Saffron from Val di Fiemme potato dumplings, peas pesto, black garlic, prawns



Second course

(from € 25,00 to € 26,00)


Hucho hucho, passion fruit, pak-choi, violet potatoes

Deer loin with pistachios crust, corn, mushrooms

Beef stew, burnt butter potatoes, apple balls

Duck chest, wild berries, turnips, candied hazelnuts




(from € 7,00 to € 10,00)


Porcini mushrooms cream, extravirgin olive oli ice-cream and truffle crumble

Chocolate ball with raspberries, Mascarpone cheese and lemon ice-cream

Sweet wood

Strawberries coulis, lemon sorbet, trout eggs, dark chocolate

Apple tart

Apricot, sponge finger, yoghurt, chocolate

Raspberries, bark, lemon

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